Familiar patterns of dysfunction

Robbie Newport
3 min readNov 17, 2023

Cycles of chaos and the lessons we learn.


The battleground of confusion inside our troubled souls

The patterns of dysfunction continue into lonely nights of despair. Trusting in God becomes vital in these battles of darkness raging seemingly without reason or regard.

Wondering why the battle started, the man remembered the pattern of questioning this every time the arrows started to fly and chaos erupted ostensibly from nowhere.

When he was most in need of respite, the storms of dysfunction came without mercy to accuse and disparage all the fledgling attempts of goodness within sincere efforts for reconciliation.

The raging hatred came without notice like a nasty bird of prey upon the panicked gopher trying to escape into its next hole for safety. Even with this analogy, the why was evident. There were reasons he could understand, yet they were not always evident within the moment, beyond character flaws and weaknesses coming out in times of pressure and stress.

Perfection is the demanding standard both Satan and God seem to want, as they work through different means to draw out the best and worst in those caught in the familiar patterns of dysfunction.

Accusations begin to fly as the demands become more rigid and the manipulations grow out of touch with reality and truth.

The flames of rage being lit, the chaos swirling with fearful outcomes, and the defensive positions willing to win at all costs, work to set the stage for the familiar patterns of dysfunction to unravel into frightful scenes of despair and pain.

Pexels/Admiral General M.

Cycles of chaos and the lessons we learn

In these dire moments, prayers to Jesus Christ are said with only a scant hope of relief from the unrelenting scope of misery and woe. Still, the hope brought a formidable comfort in the throes of threatened doom.

The cycles continued, the triggered pain body, the emotional flares, the stressful drama wrapped up in an isolated moment…